The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Enid Fairleigh Character Profile

Enid first appeared in "Don't Act Like That" and returned in "Strange Bedfellows" and "The First Mrs. Bloom".
She was a drama student at the Aldwych Academy for Drama, and became an unpaid intern at WENN for part of her dramatic training.
Although she uses lots of big words, she often uses them in ways that don't make very much sense. But she is confident in the way she says them, unlike the questioning Maple.
She claimed to be violently ill from nervousness at taking all of Hilary's roles on her radio debut, but she seemed to do pretty darn well anyway.
In Strange Bedfellows, Enid helped work on a telephone poll for the mayoral election.
But instead of just taking the poll, she stayed on the line to try to convince the voter to lean in favor of one of the candidates.
Even though Betty tried to dis-sway her from doing so, she totally missed the point.
Enid also tried her hand at writing her own fiction and asked for Betty's opinion... as several writers have been known to do.
She failed to recognize that the "auditory sense" of having two main characters with the same first name would be confusing.
"I hope that John will be able to stop John..."
In "The First Mrs. Bloom", Enid played the wife with Jeff's character on 'Bridal Bouquet'.
Enid felt the protective wrath of Hilary for the first time, not being allowed to finish her sentence...
"I assure you my admiration for Mr. Singer is strictly..." "prohibited."
Enid seemed much like Betty on her first day in some ways. She was very youthful and vigorous,
but she was definitely lacking compared to Betty in the areas of correct speaking and intelligence.

Enid was always a pleasure to watch; It's too bad she was only in three episodes. Comments?