The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Lester's Character Profile

Lester was first mentioned in "The WENN Small Hours", as he was the regular night shift engineer, presumably starting around the time of  "Newsday".
Here he was mentioned to have an eye for the ladies, but that's pretty much all we know about him.
He unexpectedly took over the daytime role from C.J., starting with "Thanks a Lottery".
I'm unsure exactly how many episodes he was in, but as I'm right about there in watching the series, I will take note and get back to you.
Lester was never given a chance to show much of a character, beyond a few isolated moments. 
He drapes a cloth over Eugenia in the end of the marathon broadcast in "And If I Die..." right before he lays down himself to go to sleep.
And in "Birth of a Station", he seems enthusiastic about helping Scott find a doctor over the radio... 
So although we don't see much of him, he seems like a nice guy who's ready to take care of people and help out.