The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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Ms. Cosgrave Character Profile

Ms. Cosgrave debuted in "Who's Scott Sherwood?" as Rollie's assistant and returned in
"Two for the Price of One" as the acting station manager in Rollie's absence. 
It's fairly obvious that Ms. Cosgrave (that's grave as in "graveyard", not grove as in Grover, Mr. Dorian)
is in love with "R.P.", since she hangs on his every word and agrees with Eugenia that he's very tall.
Ms. Cosgrave is a little out of her league when it comes to managing radio stations...
She had no idea that her scheme to double the station's income was against the law.
She is certainly well meaning - certainly more than R.P. himself, but she is also not very astute at her job.