The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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WENN's Sponsors:

Mr. Medwick: From Pittsburgh Pantry, with A Cup of Comfort and Agitato Coffee. He's a very nervous person and doesn't like change or creativity. Plain and simple it is!
Mrs. Florence Dunthorpe Mellon: From the Pittsburgh Public Lending Library. As a local billionaire's wife, she was accustomed to serious people doing what she wanted... both traits were hard to find at the station until Victor offered her something she couldn't refuse. She was influential in approving the station's broadcast license because of her seat on the city counsel. Mrs. Mellon had very strict morals and believed in education through drama... thankfully!
Mr. Acton: From Acton Anthracite Coal, sponsoring Rance Shiloh, US Marshall and Sam Dane: Private Detective, thereby creating the Acton Action Hour. He's a little uneducated, and rather carnal in taste.
Mr. Devere: From American Way Greeting Cards. He's a quiet person that is easily persuaded by both Victor, Betty and Scott for different purposes.
Adrian Carr: A producer from Broadway who had done everything under the sun except theater of the absurd. He has been romantically involved with Hilary in the past, and likes to take chances.
Mr. Boyngton: From Empire Jewelers, who Scott manages to greatly impress on his first day at WENN.
Randall Parson, Jr.: The son of the owner of Parson's Pets. He is totally self-centered and egocentric. He's very prideful about his knowledge although he hardly knows anything.
Mr. Corwin: From Corwin's Corned Beef Hash. He's a no-nonsense type of guy who gets along with Betty really well, but is wary of Scott. He doesn't last long after Victor's minute. 
Tyler Prescott: From Monogram Records. He loves good music, and he's a good businessman as well. It took a great idea from Betty to keep him as a sponsor.
Dusty Foxx: From Midas Hand Lotion. A rather nasty lady who is accustomed to getting her way. She puts people down at random and builds people up only when she wants something from them.
Hubie "Pinky" Foxx: A laid back kind of guy who had wanted to settle down with Holly (aka Maple) even though he was already settled. Considering his wife, it's hard to not feel sorry for him.
Penelope Cominger: From Cominger Enterprises. The Flowergrams people. Although she is the daughter of a very rich man, she was engaged to be married to Mackie in 1920. She's a kind, quiet person, but she didn't really know what life would be like without her family riches. She's not all nieve though. She is also a lady executive of her company.
Blair Foley: From Crescendo Personal Amplifiers. A very thick-headed and rude guy with no patience for either his brother or his parents or his elders. What a jerk!
Kurt Holstrom: From Holstrom Industries which sponsored Amazon Andy. He was a great businessman, but a lousy citizen. He was a Nazi traitor who was connected to a spy ring that destroyed aircraft plants.
Mr. and Mrs. Sweet: A couple of very silly people who owned a hardware store. Into both Comedy and Drama, respectively, they made things sort of confusing for everyone.
Fred Hanson: From Purity Oil. He's a man's man... he wants a show about two funny guys in a garage... but apparently it's uncalled for.
Guy Darcy: From Virgina Malt Vinegars. He loves Shakespeare and Hilary, so naturally, he's enthralled. He runs a small business and can only make a barter deal.
Chet Randolf:From Pittsburgh Wieners. He wasn't taken in as quickly as the people who bought the station's static back in season two. Who wants a WENNer anyway?