The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne
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History Behind the Main Character's Family Names

I love history, so I cannot be interested in anything without being at least slightly interested in the history behind it.
Betty's family originated in England and Wales. Motto translated means "Go Forward".
The Roberts surname is derived from the personal name 'Robert' which from the old German "hrod" and "behrt", meant "fame" and "bright". 

Mackie's family originated from the northern part of Germany.
Hilary's family name is Anglo-Saxon. Motto translated means "God Assists Us".                 
Jeff's family name is also Anglo-Saxon, originating from Devonshire. Motto translated means "Fidelity Prevails".

Victor's family originated in Monmouth, Wales. Motto translated means "No Wealth Without Contentment".
Scott's family, not surprisingly, originated from Nottingham and Derbyshire, England.
Maple's family originated from England. The surname March comes from the Anglo-Norman French word "marche" which means "boundary".
Eugenia's family originated from the area of Lower Saxony in Germany, which is bordered by the North Sea and the Elbe River.
I wonder if the cloak and dagger on the shield have any hidden meaning?
Mr. Foley's family originated from Waterford, Southern Ireland. Motto translated means "That I May Be Of Use".
Tom's family was Anglo-Saxon. There wasn't much more information. 
Gertie's family originated from Wales. Motto translated means "The Hope of a Better Age".
Celia's employers came from Northern Ireland.
Doug's family originated in Scotland. The given name 'Thomas' means 'twin' in Aramaic. Motto translated means "Know Thyself".
NOTE: Images and information found on www.houseofnames.com.