The Remember WENN Character Tribute
by Jen Payne

Welcome to the Remember WENN Character Tribute Page.

This site is under construction.

I stumbled onto Remember WENN during re-runs of the first season, and instantly fell in love with the witty dialogue, the gorgeous 1940's costumes, and the original music. But what really captured my attention were the fascinating characters. I certainly fell in love with all of them over time, albeit some faster than others. Though what I am really in love with is the idea of Victor and Betty being in love. The fourth season seemed to me like Laurel announcing he didn't get along with Hardy. Although I do like Betty the most, all of the characters are quite lovable in their own ways. I admit it took me some time to learn to love Scott Sherwood, and I still relapse when I watch certain episodes, but now that I've come to understand him more, I really do like him a lot. Goodness gracious! I have even come to love Hilary Booth! I don't think I can imagine any character as carefully crafted or portrayed as she was.

The purpose for this site is to devote a place for an in-depth look at the character's back-story and development over the series. I certainly don't claim to know everything about anything, so that is why this is intended to be an interactive site where viewers like you can have their opinions added (see  Comments?). Character pages will be added over time... I will keep "This Just In" up to date with any changes to the Character Profiles or to the site in general. If the articles on this site generate discussions about the characters, or if they simply conjure pleasant memories from the series, then I will consider my mission accomplished. Thanks for remembering a great television show with me.

I want to take this oppertunity to thank one person in particular:

Thank you, Linda, first for being my friend, but also for your love and devotion to these characters. Proper thanks can never be conveyed for your detailed website, without which it would have been very difficult to undertake this project. Also, thank you for inspiring me to write fanficiton through your own very thoughtful and touching fanfictions.

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